Foshan a ceramic Co., Ltd. is a production of high-grade polished tiles, mainly young and rich vigor, large modern ceramics enterprises, mainly the production of high-grade polished polycrystalline, transparent crystal stone, jade dragon, Pilates, gold, jade, Shuimunianhua Ming Zhu, super white pure bright series number ten specifications. Good quality and excellent prices, are widely used in floor heating engineering, villas, apartments, etc.. The company has long kiln 330 meters, large tonnage presses, sufficient raw material reserves, improve the efficient management system, a full set of quality, environmental protection, security certification, all configuration is currently the most advanced ceramic industry, all of these guarantee product quality excellence. Provides the ground system a safety anti-skid, health and environmental protection, durable and easy to clean, complete and creative for the majority of users so ceramic engineering. Both villas, apart... 【more】


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